Project Description

Ticket Management system

TMS is designed to enable IT pros to work more efficiently by eliminating a lot of pesky manual processes. TMS provides automated email services that help you avoid laborious processes like answering phone calls or manual logging of problems.TMS enables streamline communication and maintains organized, trackable records of all issues that are submitted, plus allows a resolution schedule to be established and communicated.

TMS is useful in several ways

  • Work more efficiently by helping the users gain time and maximize their productivity.
  • Multitask several issues simultaneously.
  • One-stop help for your users via a portal that gives your users a single place to create new tickets, view the status of open tickets and close out issues that are no longer present.
  • Managing your users
  • Track trouble ticket time and group purchase requests.
  • Prioritize tasks and prevent the recurrence of problems.
  • Chamberssoft provides customized Ticket Management Software for all types of enterprises.
  • Chambers TMS is developed with a user-friendly interface for a excellent user experience.