Project Description

Case Management system

Chamberssoft’s case management system is designed to empower your business to deliver improved outcome by facilitating dynamic exchange of information and management of bundles of business contents. The accuracy of the records helps businesses and enterprises to develop long-term relationship with their customers. The modules are totally integrated for enhanced speed and efficiency. An Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or Document Management (DM) system may also be used to manage case information. The information will need to be grouped together and made accessible in a suitably controlled way to all who are involved in the case.

Within CRM systems, an alerts-style functionality will frequently exist against a given customer log. In traditional DM systems, workflow may involve moving a given document through each process stage – probably in a serial manner. Neither is appropriate to a case management scenario where the focus is “the case” or collection of information, not a customer or single document. The process outcome is the successful resolution of the case. The participants may need to respond against given deadlines, and those involved in managing the case need to see progress reporting and action monitoring against the case.

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