Customized POS Solution

The term Point of Sale (POS) is often used in connection with the hardware and software for checkouts. Chambersoft offers a wide range of customized POS solutionsconsideringspecific customer requirements as every business is unique. We develop POS software using cloud computing that allows direct access to the POS systems from the internet. Our Cloud-based POS solutions are independent from platform and operating system limitations and are designed to be compatible with a wide range of POS hardware and sometimes mobile devices and tablets such as Apple’s iPad. You can easily manage and scale your business from one store to many in the cloud.Your sales, products and reports are always available, always safe, and always up to date.

Cloud-based POS solutions exhibit a range of advantages includinginstant centralization of data, ability to access data from anywhere there is internet connection, and lower start-up costs.At Chambersoft, we develop budget-friendly, innovative,flexible and highly functional POS systemswith stunning graphical user interfaces.Most importantly, POS software reduces the margin of errors to zero. It helps small business and SMEs curb the problems like mismatched tallies or unrecorded sales.

The common features of POS systems include ease of use, entry of sales information, pricing, updating product information, sales tracking options and security.Reporting capabilities available in POS programs include sales, costs, and profits by individual inventory items, by salesperson, or by category for the day, month and year to date.The user-friendly nature of the POS system enables your employees to tend to the customers well rather than engaging in unproductive tasks, which ultimately adds to your company’s turn over.

Contact Chambersoft for developing tour customized POS system. We tailor the POS software according to your requirements at attractive rates! Call us or just drop an e-mail with your project details.